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Micronesia have fluoride levels and then declare agreed to high-tech enterprises

According to the National Science and Technology Office in 2008 has been targeted at the national, provincial-level high-tech enterprise of enterprises eligible to review the relevant provisions of that, I have fluoride Micronesia Zhejiang Valve Co., Ltd. actively review the work of the Organization, in April 2009 after a national, provincial-level high-tech Evaluation Committee on the examination of eligible enterprises, once again eligible for access to high-tech enterprises.

     Show noted, there are fluoride Micronesia in 2003 adopted the first-class high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province qualification, the past five years, the company always adhere to "people-oriented, science and technology enterprises, brand-li City, industry serve the country" business philosophy and approach, taking "research" development. constantly enterprises bigger and stronger. The company owns inventions, utility models, industrial designs and other international, 15 national patents. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18001: 1999 Occupational health and Safety Management System certification, EU CE certification, components of national security the registration of pressure vessels (AZ) certification, the main production PTFE ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve,globe valveplug valves,  pump, pipe fittings, Compensator products so widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, water conservancy, electric power, pharmaceuticals, military equipment, such as the. Among them, thebutterfly valve, ball valve, respectively, the international invention Gold, Gold World Eureka. Valve be included in the 2005 National Torch Program. The products sell well in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, such as more than 20 countries and regions.

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Automatic constant pressure differential valve + electric control valve performance

Automatic constant pressure differential valve + electric control valve is air-conditioning water system to address a very good balance method, the pressure when the system changes, constant pressure valve can be worse by changing the flow passage of its own area so that both ends of the electric control valve pressure remains unchanged, so that the valve has a CV value, thus ensuring the electrical control valve has been running at the optimal conditions, the change really only with water temperature has nothing to do with the pressure to ensure that access to air conditioning the amount of water in the box at any one time are the amount of water you need. Plexus of the performance of the system better, easier to maintain.

     The end of the system with automatic constant pressure differential valve + electric control valve eliminated after the use of hierarchical control in the balance valve, so that system performance can be better, easier to maintain.

First, automatic constant pressure differential valve + electric variable flow control valve is air-conditioning water system an important guarantee for water balance in the system of proportional integral balance the use of automatic control valve to bring you many benefits.

     1. Since the system does not require testing, so save a lot of trouble, saving a great deal of time and shorten the completion date;

     2. Just because they are not the use of valves and control valves for the stratified, so the more you save the pipe, insulation materials and installation costs and time involved;

     3. So that water systems are in balance at all times, so whether or equipment installed in stages in stages of construction will not affect the balance of the water system.

     4. Even if the work was put into operation late or because of changes in certain uses in certain areas and need to change the water system design, it will not affect the other regions of the water system design, but also in other regions will not affect the balance of the water system

     5. Since the whole system is in dynamic equilibrium state, so refrigeration units and pumps will be running the state the most energy-efficient, saving a large amount of operation and maintenance costs.

     6. As a result of the flow balance system is automatic, so that more convenient installation and maintenance, and eliminate human error may undermine the balance.

Second, the proportion of self-balancing valve with integral static comparative balance valve

     Static balance valve is a precise man-made set of cut-off valve opening, he had man-made adjustments to address local resistance to air-conditioning water system piping part of the water balance problems. Debug early in the system, the system all the valves are in a certain opening, commissioning personnel based on the mathematical model of the original one by one for each opening to a static balance valve settings (set up after the valve opening for a certain value ), but the water system of different distribution of the resistance curve is not the same as absolute, but can not be measured. Therefore, the static balance valve only vague, qualitative control of water flow. Of a variable flow water system for air-conditioning, air-conditioning box for each water change is random, the entire pipeline system pressure is unpredictable, the opening control valve is a random change. Therefore, we from the formula:

     G (flow) = CV * A (through-flow area of the valve) * △ P (the differential pressure valve at both ends)

     Can be drawn: as a result of static balance valve opening after a good tune for a certain value. Therefore, the valves at both ends of the pressure changes, is bound to lead to the adoption of a static balance valve of the flow changes. Therefore, a variable flow system when the system changes in static pressure balance valve disorders can not solve water problems. System will result in over-current and under-flow. valve ball valve gate valve check valve globe valve butterfly valve
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OMNI test string to use some of the issues circulating valve

Technical services in foreign oil, especially for deep well, ultra-deep well testing services, more and more to use the full path of the APR tools. The OMNI cycle valve is in addition to the test valve, the core of the kinds of tools, and its working properly or not directly related to the test was successful.

OMNI is a cycle valve annulus pressure through the operation, the cycle can be repeated switching valve, is also a more advanced cycle valve. The cycle of valve operation simply cyclical annulus pressure, release pressure to complete the operation. But also because it can repeatedly switch, as a test string APR most commonly used tool. OMNI cycle of valve operation while simple, but maintenance It is worth noting that there are still many places, such as a slight mistake, not only will not be able to operate in accordance with the purpose of this valve is expected to affect the success of technology, but also because the operation caused by inappropriate tool damage, and thus lead to unnecessary loss. The following is given the experience and is author of combined testing services in Indonesia in more than a few dozen wells in the application layer obtained at the scene, I believe will have the operator APR tools in use in the future help. The successful application of tools will also be a broader expansion of our technology services space.

Operation in common anomaly

(1) If you are obviously not functioning OMNI valve, the proposed increase in annulus pressure, if the irregular operation of tools, the most likely location is in the cycle of laps before the 3-4 position of the trip. (2) increase in operating pressure to the maximum allowable pressure, until the arrival of tools to reflect the correct position. If the tool is still no response, most likely OMNI valve is closed the ball valve. (3) If the tool does not respond when the ball valve closed, it should be a balance of pressure through the ball valve and then the operation of high pressure operation tool. (4) If the hole is difficult to close the cycle, is likely to be part of circle of holes have been plugged, the pressure should be increased at this time. Recommend the use of high pressure to plug the open circle from the opening hole of debris.

Maintenance should be paid attention to the issue of

1. The inspection prior to demolition

OMNI valve should be ensured before the demolition of the location in the cycle, otherwise the ball valve opening only part of a tool for other parts of the demolition is not possible, any forcible demolition tools are likely to cause damage.

2. The use of special tools

In order to avoid damage to the demolition of part of the cycle of the pawl and the OMNI valve seals, when the sets of installation and removal of cycle, should the use of special tools, and as far as possible avoid the use of tools such as copper hit a hard line.

3. The direction of the ball valve

Regardless of the status of the ball valve in the open or off state, there are two types of location will enable the ball to the toolbar installed, so maintenance should pay special attention to the direction of the ball valve of the ball. End for just maintenance of the OMNI valve, should be in circulation areas, both open hole and the ball valve cycle closed. Normal after the installation is complete, should make the ball "eyes" outward, that is the direction away from the tool. Such as anti-loaded ball valve, on the ground so hard to find when the function tests. Cycle of operation from the location of the location of the test tool can operate as expected, but after going down tools, OMNI valve will only be able to remain in the test position, the cycle can no longer functioning position, the realization of the normal cycle of operation.


1. The test cycle as well, should always monitor the annulus pressure valve in order to accurately grasp the OMNI institutions transposition transposition of the location of the ball. Particularly in the recycling process, they should pay close attention to the number of cycles as well as abnormal can not be expected to pressure or changes in the law. Proposed installation to monitor wellhead annular pressure and recorded in the Barton card recorder or data acquisition system will be a pressure probe connected with the annulus ring in at any time to monitor changes in air pressure.

2. Proposed to go down for each tool should be at the scene after the operation and maintenance part of the cycle, especially for high water, because the sand can be serious damage to cycle and cycle parts valve seals.

3. If the tools work in the underground non-normal (circular hole is not open, etc.), after starting to make tool should be running to the location of the cycle. Suggesting that this step-by-step operations room to monitor the pressure of nitrogen, which will help determine problems with the site tools. If the ground is still difficult for transposition, it is proposed to operate part removed to retain the pawl, and then re-operation, as part of the ball valve may also lead to credit card issuers can not be transposed. 

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Different valves and their respective advantages and disadvantages of the application of the occasions

By end-use and role of classification

Category cut-off valve for cutting off or connected to the main stream media. Including the valve, the cut-off valve, valve, ball valves, plug valves, disc valves, plunger valves, ball plug valve, needle valve, such as instrumentation.

Main control valve for regulating the flow of media, pressure and so on. Including control valve, throttle valve, relief valve and so on.

Media type check valve for preventing backflow. Including the structure of the non-return valve.

Shunt valve used to separate categories, distribution or mixed media. Including the distribution of a variety of structures such as valves and traps.

Type safety valve for the media at the time of overpressure protection. Including all types of safety valve.

Classification by main parameters

(A) pressure classification

Vacuum pressure valve of the valve is below standard atmospheric pressure.

Nominal pressure PN low-pressure valve of the valve is less than 1.6MPa.

Nominal pressure valve in the pressure of the valve PN2.5 ~ 6.4MPa.

Nominal pressure valve high pressure valve PN10.0 ~ 80.0MPa.

Nominal pressure PN ultra-high pressure valve of the valve is greater than 100MPa.

(B) medium temperature classification

High temperature valve valve 450C is greater than t.

120C temperature relief valve in less than t less than the valve 450C.

Valve-40C ambient temperature is less than t less than the valve 120C.

Low-temperature valve-100C less than t less than-40C of the valve.

Ultra-low temperature valve t less than-100C of the valve.

(C) classification according to body material

Valve non-metallic materials: such as ceramic valves, glass fiber reinforced plastic valves, plastic valves.

Valve metal materials: copper alloy, such as valves, valve aluminum alloy, lead alloy valves, titanium valves, valve monel alloy

Cast iron valves, carbon steel valves, cast steel valves, low-alloy steel valves, high alloy steel valves.

Metal valve body lining: lining of lead, such as valves, plastic lined valves, valves lining enamel.

General Classification

This classification is based on the principle of the role of structure and by division, is the international and domestic classification of the most commonly used. General sub-valve, the cut-off valve, throttle, instrument valve, plunger valve, valve, plug valves, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, relief valve safety valve, steam trap, control valve, bottom valve, filters, valves, such as sewage. 


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Lifting rod bellows valve

Currently in fine chemical industry, nuclear power industry, toxic, harmful media and nuclear power valves used in a lot of bellows bellows globe valve and gate valves. Bellows valve stem in the Department's Dynamic Sealing stuffing into the valve cover at the static seal, the valve must effectively Du medium leakage.

The valves; because of their need for stem headstock rotated 90 degrees along its own radial. Bellows can only bear tension and compression and can not afford to be reversed, thus resolving the direction of stem of the hoist has become the key to the design of bellows valve.

Product design and production of valves for many years practical experience, and the ball valve design concepts will stem the rise and fall, and toggle the sphere rotated 90 degrees combined organic solve this problem.

This valve structure is simple, open and close light, sealing reliability, long life. And the bellows and the bellows globe valve, like valve handwheel can just gently give Bellows Valve added a new species.

Bellows globe valve and bellows valve, due to structural reasons for that; valve flow coefficient is small, the energy losses. Bellows valve structure of the large body of high caliber at least more than double the size of stem followed a series of part size must be increased, and the stability of the valve is not good, is a last resort.

Lifting rod bellows valve can be seen as part of the pipe, valve flow coefficient, a slight energy loss, is the ideal valve components. And the same caliber as compared bellows globe valve (in 50 caliber, for example) cut-off valve flow coefficient ~ Cv is 40 ~ 60, while the valve's flow coefficient ~ Cv is 440, 7 ~ 10 times the energy savings are energy-efficient green products, can replace bellows globe valve. Plus, corrugated pipe ball valve can also be used.

ball valve Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve Top Entry Ball Valve ball valve V Type Ball Valve

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Valve industry, the direction of the development trend and investment analysis

China valve market with the continuous development of science and technology, but also to the high-tech, high-parameter, strong corrosion-resistant, high-life direction. Technology at home and abroad based on the analysis of valve and valve market demand both at home and abroad of the analysis, developed in recent years all sectors of industrial valves and valves with high-tech industry development trend and investment direction, are as follows:

1. Oil and gas well-head valve devices

     Oil, natural gas wellhead valves are mainly used in the U.S. API6A standard single gate or board, there is no diversion diversion hole or holes parallel steel gate valve, slurry valve, angle-type throttle, oil-specific parallel-type regulating valve, oil check valve exclusive of straight-through processing, water injection \ polymer dedicated parallel valve, the clamp-type parallel valve, pilot-type safety valve and check valve.

     Oil, natural gas wellhead valves with nominal pressure level for API2000psi, 3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi, 15000psi, 20000psi; DN for DN46 ~ 228mm (113/16in ~ 9in); temperature rating of K (-60 ~ 182 ℃ ), L (-42 ~ 182 ℃), P (-29 ~ 182 ℃), R (room temperature), S (-18 ~ 166 ℃), T (-18 ~ 182 ℃), U (-18 ~ 121 ℃ ), V (2 ~ 121 ℃); material requirements for the AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH; material performance requirements by 36K, 45K, 60K, 75K; products according to technical requirements PSL1 (product specification level 1) , PSL2 (product specification grade 2), PSL3 (product specification grade 3), PSL4 (product specification level 4).

     2. Oil and natural gas valve with long-distance pipeline

     Oil, natural gas long-distance pipeline with the main valve in order to comply with standards of the United States Kun PI6D single gate valve or board, there are holes or diversion diversion valve hole of the plate; steel or cast steel three-body, or to fit the entire welded ball valve fixed ball; oil seal or pressure balanced plug valves; Swing check valve or butterfly valve, pass the ball check valve; pigging valve.

     Nominal pressure level of these valves for the CL150 (PN2.0MPa), CL300 (PN5.0MPa), CL400 (PN6.4MPa), CL600 (PN10.0MPa), CL900 (PN15.0MPa), CL1500 (PN25.0MPa), CL2500 (PN42.0MPa); DN for DN50 ~ 1500mm (2in ~ 60in); technical requirements for fire resistance test in accordance with ISO10497; valve pressure test in accordance with ISO5208.

     3. Nuclear power valve


     Nuclear power than conventional valve with a large thermal power station valve its technical characteristics and requirements higher. Valves are generally valve, valve, check valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, main steam isolation valve, ball valve, valve, relief valve and control valves, etc.; the highest representative of the technical parameters of the valve as follows: the largest diameter DN1200mm (the butterfly valve 3 nuclear), DN800mm (nuclear two of the main steam isolation valve), DN350mm (nuclear main circuit of a valve); maximum pressure: level of about 1500 pounds; maximum temperature: about 350 ℃ ; medium: the coolant (water diboride) and so on. The production of nuclear grade products require valve: usually by the nuclear industry standards EJ, U.S. ASME, IEEE standards and the French island of pressurized water reactor nuclear design and construction of machinery and equipment rules, such as RCC-M.

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Crane company has acquired the German company kelon bahe valve

Crane Energy Flow Solutions (CraneEnergyFlowSolutions) have purchased the entire share capital of the Group kelon bahe . Kreuztal, Germany-based world of the company's 640 employees and estimated 2008 sales of 91 million U.S. dollars. Acquisition included in the Slovenian manufacturing and foundry plant and a joint venture in China, the company's ownership. Group is a kelon bahe  to electric power, oil and gas, chemicals, tankers, and water and environmental technology market with innovative, high-quality, highly engineered valves and valve company standards. The product range includes a wide range of quality industrial valves products group; special valves (three eccentric butterfly valve, metal hard sealing ball valve), custom valve (butterfly valve, Swing Check Valve, Soft Seal ball valves), as well as standard products (coarse filter, depending on the mirror, float,globe valve and gate valve, ball valve and throttle).

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